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In search of foreign riches in order to save his kingdom from the debilitating debt inherited from his father’s engagement in the 400 year long war with the blood elves of Palesthaer, young dwarven emperor Zalmuntin Elkfrost has ordered a fleet of ships to set forth to settle the lands of the recently discovered continent, Kurrundin. Seven decades have gone by since that time and several trips have been made to and from Shaemundur and Kurrundin. Riches have poured from the new continent in abundance, but profit in new lands is bound to attract the wrong rabble of patrons seeking to invest on a looming plethora of inglorious markets.

The first years had been quiet in the new colonies, but religious zealots and political radicals have found the new colonies to be the most viable prospect in terms of securing a foothold for future investment, away from the stringent laws of the motherland. A race has begun to determine the leaders of the colonies, a race that has the potential to be very profitable for a certain assassin’s guild that has just arrived by ship across the Meridian Sea……

The Free Colonies of Shaemundur